The firm consists of two partners and a director having a vast professional experience in the field of audit, tax advisory, planning, corporate consultancy and management consultancy services. Presently, the firm is providing services to over 600 clients, which includes multinational companies, firms and high worth individuals.


Objectives of the firm are to:
Consolidate the expertise of accountants, analysts, tax advisors and professionals.
Understand the needs of the clients and offer best solutions to meet their expectations.

The hallmark of our practice is commitment with personal involvement. Our clients expect more than the traditional services. We understand that initiative in business planning, tax planning, corporate finance and personal financial planning are important to them. They want counselors and advisors who understand their business as well as their personal and business financial goals. We provide solutions to meet these needs.

The key members of our firm are equipped with necessary skills and expertise required and have worked with the top accounting firms / professional bodies and multinational companies.


In order to deliver our services, the most valuable resource is our staff. Our team comprises of innovative, experienced and result oriented professionals. Appropriate mix of personnel is selected and allocated to each assignment, as required by the scope and complexity of the assignment undertaken. Additionally, the firm collaborates with leading audit, accounting and law firms in Pakistan for undertaking assignments that require additional resources.
The firm consists of two partners. A brief introduction of each member is given below:

Muhammad Farooq B.Com, LLB, FCA
Senior Partner

Mr. Muhammad Farooq is a fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan. Mr. Farooq is the most senior member of the firm. He did his FA and Bachelor in Commerce from Saint Patrick College Karachi. He completed his Chartered Accountancy in 1974 and soon became a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan. In 1976 he completed his bachelors in law and legislation and obtained degree from University of Karachi. His career span exceeds more than 36 years in which he has been actively involved in providing professional services to his clients in the areas Assurance, Tax consulting services & Management consulting services. He is responsible for networking activities and overall control of the firm.

Jawad Ahmed B.Com, FCA

Mr. Jawad Ahmed is a fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan. He has completed his article ship from Ford Rhodes Sidat Hyder a member firm of Ernst and Young International. During his article he had varied exposure and experience of dealing with national, multinational, corporations & financial institutions. He has joined the firm in September 2002 as a Senior Manager and later promoted as a Partner. During training with the above Chartered Accountant firm he undertook various statutory audits and special assignments such as system review, internal audit, fundís audit and other special assignments at various local and multinational organizations operating in varied economic sectors. He heads assurance, outsourcing and management consulting department.

Mr. Ali Muhammad Beli - B.Com, CA Intermediate

Mr. Ali Muhammad Beli is the senior most management personnel of the firm. He joined the firm in 1974 and has an extensive experience of over 36 years of dealing clients in direct and indirect taxes on both individual and corporate level.